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Friends of Stokesdale is a non-profit community improvement corporation, organized in the state of North Carolina.

Our Mission

Our Mission and Vision

Friends of Stokesdale seeks to:

  • Preserve and promote the historic character of Stokesdale's Town Core;

  • Cultivate civic pride and a sense of local community our town;

  • Promote educational opportunities for people of all ages;

  • Encourage and promote locally-owned businesses.

Old Picture of Town of Stokesdale

We’re set on saving this town…because it’s worth it.

Our Officers

President: Joe Thacker

In 1970, Joe moved to Stokesdale and over the years has been delighted to do business with local merchants. For 17 years, he operated a small welding-fabrication shop at home. Joe has served on the town planning board for several years.

Vice President: James Rosa

Treasurer: Eileen Thiery

Secretary: Mary Ellen Smith

Our Officers
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